Giving Nanny a printed menu to select meals from was an easy way to let her retain control and maintain her dignity … and it’s even easier for you to do for your loved one, with our free and ready-to-print menu template!  Simply download this Word document and update it to reflect your daily selections.

Even when the meals I was serving Nan were less-than-desirable in appearance–to put it nicely!–(i.e. all items blended and thickened due to her difficulty swallowing), I elevated the options by calling them a “puree,” “blend,” “mousse” or “smoothie.”  It just takes a minute to add that special touch!

To save time, recycle the menus–for example, offer the same options for Thursday lunch or Friday dinner each week. This is an easy way to create a shopping list, track your loved one’s meals, and maintain your sanity!




Nan always said, “Food is Love and Love is Food” … and these are all great ways to show how much you care, at mealtime!