I truly believe that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!  Take time to give your loved one an in-room spa treatment and it’ll not only leave her feeling refreshed, but will lift her spirits.

Touch is such a powerful tool, that we often forget what a difference it can make.  A simple mani, pedi, massage, and/or facial can do wonders for your loved one, and give you quality time together.

Nanny loved getting a manicure and whenever my sister and I gave her the royal treatment, Nan was so relaxed that she fell sound asleep!  What better way to spend the afternoon than with some pampering?!

The GlamourGals Foundation takes this message to heart and offers complimentary makeovers for women in nursing facilities.  This special program brings teen volunteers and older women together for an indulgent makeover, where it’s about “more than makeup and manicures.”

I’m excited to attend the Glamour In the City Fundraiser next week, and my first GlamourGals makeover in NYC.  Stay tuned for pics from the events!