It’s the first ever Essential Tote Tuesday!  I’m sharing photos each week to show just how versatile the Essential Tote is for caregivers and, what I’d love even more, is to see what’s inside yours!

What are you stylishly toting around town for yourself or your loved one?  Tweet or email your fave pics with the #ETT hashtag, and I’ll post them on the Liz & Ett Facebook page!

Caregivers need a break and getting some sun is the best refresher!  Whether you live near the beach, or just take half an hour to yourself on the back patio, some Vitamin D does the body good.

Grab your favorite book, sunglasses, a beach towel, and some suntan lotion; keep your essentials in the tote so you have it ready to go!  Then make time for yourself to get outside and soak up some sun!

{Remember, the Tote is fabulous on it’s own, so it doesn’t come with the contents pictured!}