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Spotlight:  The Henderson Brothers, of PrimeWellness

Matt and Blake Henderson | PrimeWellnessBrothers, Matt and Blake Henderson founded PrimeWellness—a simple, customizable, and functional exercise program that focuses on balance, strength, and flexibility to prevent falls—based on their physical therapy expertise, and experience helping care for a loved one.

It was when their aunt began suffering falls leaving her bruised and shaken, that Matt recognized a need for an online video platform to share easy and important, exercises to improve function.

Matt and Blake have incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion for their work–and I absolutely love the dedication on their About Us page to their grandmother who passed away last year.  In their own words:


Matt adds that their product was developed out of general frustration with the lack of tools that existed to help patients succeed long-term after discharge from physical therapy.

It drove him crazy to see the same patient every 6 months or so for the exact same problem when all the patient really needed to feel confident and stick with a program was a better resource!

To that end, PrimeWellness is “providing proven exercises, simply delivered in a new way, by taking work off the plate of clinicians and guaranteeing free basic access for the patient.”  Check out their site at www.primewellness.com!