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Spotlight on:  Julie Fry, Founder | Making Care Easier

Julie Fry has great insight, upbeat energy, and a passion for her work that you sense the moment you meet her!

Photo courtesy of Julie Fry (left, at the mHealth Summit)

I knew that she had spent several years in the eldercare industry, but I was particularly touched to learn that the inspiration for Julie’s company comes from experience caring for her sister after a critical illness.

Julie has blended her professional experience in the home care and hospice fields with personal caregiving expertise to create Making Care Easier (MCE)—an online platform for care coordination.  This is her story:

I’ve been involved in eldercare for over ten years.  I first started helping the home care, hospice and private duty industry and later started my own aging-in-place home remodeling company to help seniors age safely in their own homes.  Things were going well until one day we received a late-night phone call that our sister had had a seizure caused by a massive brain tumor.  The entire family jumped into action.  After her first surgery, we used a care coordination tool that helped us connect to hundreds of our friends and family.  Everyone offered help, but few knew how or had the tools to do so.  We knew there had to be a better way to help families share the burden of caring online.  So, we developed Making Care Easier.

Our goal is to change the way that families care.  Every week we hear stories about the toll that caregiving has taken on people.  We have worked hard to develop tools that will help families connect, share, find products and services and take action online.  Our passion for MCE and this industry is driven from our own experiences caring for our elderly loved ones as well as the knowledge that we can make a real difference in families’ lives by making care easier.

I can completely relate to how Julie’s whole family sprung into action when her sister fell ill–and how difficult it is to communicate with everyone in the middle of a health crisis.

Without the proper tools, I know that organizing and coordinating care can end up being a full-time job in itself, when really the focus should be on delivering the care, so I’m glad to see that MCE is allowing families to focus on what matters most!

Check out their site at:  www.makingcareeasier.com/families.