What do you get your loved one who has everything?  Who has down-sized?  Who is facing a health challenge?  Who’s in the hospital over the holidays?

Here are my favorite ideas for useful, dignified, and meaningful gifts:

  • Digital Photo Frame | A great wdigital pic frameay to engage a loved one is with a digital photo frame stocked with your favorite photos; plug it in and let it scroll!  Choose a frame that allows you to email new photos to the display (such as this one) so that your loved one doesn’t have to worry about removing or updating the memory card.
  • Brookstone Nap™ blanket & pillow | brookstone blanketComfort is so important for a loved one who is recovering or in the hospital — maximize the importance of tactile sensation with this uber soft gift set.  Pair a blanket and pillow for the perfect gift set.  The pillow can be used to position a loved one “just right” in bed, whether it’s under an arm or behind his/her neck.  This is what I took to my Nanny when she was in the ICU recovering from her stroke, and in the year and a half that followed, it never left her side!  (In fact, we had to buy two more sets just to use one, wash one, and have one on hand!)
  • Omhu Stylish Cane | Anyone omhu caneswho needs support while walking deserves an upgrade to a super sleek and stylish Omhu cane.  Available in a range of modern colors and styles (Original, Sport, and Tuxedo), Omhu has transformed DME into a functional fashion accessory.
  • The SmockFrock™ Gift Set | BHR (13)ibs are for babies!  Maintain your loved one’s dignity with a fashionable and functional SmockFrock™ and matching tote.
  • Aging In Place |The ultimate gift of aging in place is possible with a variety of products/services:

PALS BuiltPALS Built modular home additions provide options for multi-generational living, while allowing loved ones to maintain privacy and safety.

becloseBeClose monitoring system uses discreet wireless sensors to track your loved one’s daily routine, alerting you to any disruptions in regular activity.

  • Standalone Skype Phone |  This asus skype phoneSkype phone features a large touchscreen, simple navigation buttons, and icon-based interface for ease of use.  It stands alone so loved ones won’t struggle holding a tablet, opening a laptop, or folding back a case.
  • More ideas to come!